January 10th 2008
A year long collaboration with Zimbabwean born singer Sinini Ngwenya has taken form in the new album 'Getjenge Republic'. It mixes traditional singing, rap, reggae, drum and bass and more into one fruity musical cocktail. All instrumental flavours are provided by Silicon Drum. We did our first live performance at the East Oxford Community Centre at the end of 2007 and we got those feet moving and bodies rocking. Look out for more.

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The album is avaialable for purchase from the shop for £10 + P&P

Website Launched
June 21st 2006
For too long the Silicon Drum archives have been gathering dust - so please download what you want. There are plenty on this site for your listening pleasure only.

Gabon People
April 24th 2006
Recording sessions have finished and final masters sent out for the debut album from the collective ‘People’. Based on over 100 hours of film and audio recordings of the people of Gabon the project aims to bring their rich cultural traditions to a wider audience. Funded by the Wildlife Conservation Society in association with National Geographic all proceeds are going back to Gabon. ‘Gabon’ features two discs; one is the pure recordings from the different locations and the other contains new compositions based on the source material. We have tried to protect the integrity of the complex rhythms and voices in the original recordings while bringing them into a new light. Sometimes they took us into new territory altogether. Reggae vibes feature strongly in the CD and include the trance inducing Maminde rhythm from the Pleureuse singers of Tchibangha and the 12/8 track Baguettes based on singers from the Nzebe tribe. Check out this short section from the dub of Maminde.

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The Shed
May 12th 2002
Silicon Drum has moved to ‘The Shed’ - a bespoke recording studio in Oxford town. It is available for commercial hire as well as being the home of all Silicon Drum’s new recordings.

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Country Sessions
May 12th 2001
After moving the studio to the countryside around Oxford I spent much of 1997-2001 writing tunes with the likes of Pablo, Jonas and Spider. We played the tunes out regularly at the Red, Gold and Green night run every Wednesday at the Po Na Na club and at Arawak sound in the East Oxford Community Centre. Some of the best tunes to come out of these sessions were the drum and bass influenced ‘Everyman’ and ‘Smile’, the raw roots dub of the ‘Wadaka’ rhythm and the soulful digital reggae of ‘Waiting’.

Pablo is the master of the one take method. I’d run a backing track, he’d listen to it once and then go in the booth and lay down a vocal in one go. He rarely needed to go back in!

This is the first time any of the music from these sessions has been released.

Beyond Planet Dub
April 11th 1998
‘Zion Dub’ is released on the second of the Planet Dub compilations on Planet Dog records. It featured contributions from the Mad Professor, Zion Train, Eat Static and more.

John Peel plays Dubkiss
August 6th 1995
John Peel plays ‘Dubkiss’ on his primetime Radio 1 slot.

New Smoking Classics
June 10th 1995
‘Buckets’ is released on New Smoking Classics Vol.1 from Hypoxia records.

March 22nd 1995
Planet Dog records bring together the cream of the uk dub scene into their Planet Dub compilation. Silicon Drum’s track ‘Dubkiss’ stands alongside contributions from Alpha and Omega, The Disciples and Jah Works.

Pure Dub 12"
August 12th 1993
Having bought a 4-track, bass, guitar and an FX unit the Pure Dub Ep is released under the name Dub Generator on Space Star Records. It goes straight into the dub charts of Boomshakalacka magazine at number 8.

review in Curfew magazine

Sound Iration in Dub
September 29th 1989
This was the record that first got me hooked on dub music. A classic album that helped kick start the UK digi-dub scene. I soon found myself at a hall in Wood Green for a late night dance from the legendary Jah Shaka. It was here that I had my first taste of BASS!




















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