Sinini Ngwenya - Getjenge Republic
(Silicon Drum Records)
  The product of a year long collaboration with Zimbabwean born singer Sinini Ngwenya. A 'Nuafrow' mix of traditional vocals, rap, reggae and more blended into one fruity musical cocktail.  
People - Gabon
(Flatworld Music)
  Latest project based on field recordings from musicians in Gabon. Funded by the WCS charity and with all profits going back to Gabon it hopes to preserve the unique musical culture that exists in Gabon and bring their music to a wider audience.


Silicon Drum - Siteswaps
New tunes to provide the musical backing for the latest DVD release from Mediacircus.  
John Blanchard - Clubswinging
(Media Circus)
  Musical accompaniment to this educational DVD from Mediacircus. It features music from John Blanchard's Movements album.  
Country Gents - Nova Disco EP
(Black No Sugar)
  A first release from the purveyors of deep and dirty house music the Country Gents - Lee Jones and John Blanchard.  
John Blanchard - Movements
(Silicon Trax - strax003cd)
  Minimalist music inspired by watching the music and film 'Koyaanisqatsi'.  
Silver Filter - Ladies and Gentlemen
(Silicon Trax - strax002cd)

The only album to date from the archives of Silver Filter. Caustic and aggressive in parts, ambient and other worldly in between. The mood is dark but with a warm, organic quality absent from much electronica.
Silicon Drum - Ultravision
(Silicon Trax - strax001cd)
  A collection of tunes used in the live shows ‘Ultravision’ and some spacey techno tracks from the archives thrown in for good measure. Also included is the soundtrack for Spectral FX's 'Elimentree' show.  
John Blanchard - Airstream
(Silicon Trax - strax009cd)
  A calm, relaxed CD featuring the cello with photography to match the mood.  
Silicon Drum - Zion Dub
Beyond Planet Dub
(Planet Dog Records)
  Zion Dub is included on the second installment of Planet Dog’s Planet Dub compilations.  
Silicon Drum - Air Raider
UK Space Techno
(Millenium Records)
  The acid techno track ‘Air Raider’ is on this compilation of some of the best UK techno from the year on Millenium Records.  
Silicon Drum - Air Raider
(Disc Bleu)
  A first release for this hefty slice of acid techno featuring a remix by Rosie Lee, better known now as Simon Ratcliffe from Basement Jaxx.  
Silicon Drum - Buckets
New Smoking Classics Vol I
(Hypoxia Records)
  The leftfield dub workout ‘Buckets’ is included on this collection of down tempo tunes from Hypoxia.  
Silicon Drum - Dubkiss
Planet Dub
(Planet Dog Records)
  A heavy digital dub is included on the Planet Dog compilation ‘Planet Dub’. Dubkiss was played on Radio 1 by John Peel - and I was listening at the time by accident. Nice!  
Silver Filter - Zilvek EP
(Silicon Trax 12”)
  The first and only vinyl outing for the dark electronica of Silver Filter. Caustic ambience gives way to fast and furious beats that scatter themselves over the unearthly textures.  
Ultrasonic - Flips and Flops
(tape only album)
  Sold while supporting the Ozric Tentacles across America and Europe.  
Dub Generator - Pure Dub EP
(Space Star Records 12”)
  An early outing after getting my first 4-track and before I had heard of a kik drum.  





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