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Saw Master
JANUARY 29th 2002

I had the pleasure of mastering Martin Brunsden"s CD of well known tunes arranged for piano and musical saw. The saw is a difficult and delicate instrument to play well but Martin has become a virtuoso and provides a wonderfully emotive and nostalgic take on such classic tunes as "Somewhere over the rainbow" and "When you wish upon a star".

Somewhere over the Rainbow.mp3

You can buy a copy of the album "Paris" at

JUNE 22nd 2001

I made it onto the front page of the Independent thanks to a knack of being able to balance a crystal ball on my head at the solstice celebrations at Stonehenge.

Thames Festival
SEPTEMBER 8th 2001

I was commissioned to write some music for this vibrant street festival that processes alongside the river Thames every Spetember.

Latin Quarter.mp3


JULY 10th 2000

Limited edition CDR of 'Movements' released.

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OCTOBER 10th 1999

I had two weeks work in exotic locations all over Spain as the featured performer in an advert for Telefonica.

Ladies and Gentlemen
MARCH 2nd 1999

Limited edition CDR of ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ under my Silver Filter moniker released. A mixture of corrosive ambient soundscapes and dark and dirty beats.

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The Crow.mp3

Falling Star.mp3
Swell Swirl.mp3

SEPTEMBER 12th 1998

After digging out my dusty cello I put together a collection of ambient pieces and released a limited CDR run of the album ‘Airstream’. To accompany the sonic mood I put together some rich and colourful photographs for the cover and subsequently made a simple interactive version.

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A piano going back.mp3

OCTOBER 27th 1997

I have been making some recordings with singer Emmaline as Jasmani. Our sound features lush strings, warm keyboards, down tempo beats (moslty), sultry vocals and a fondness for old classics like My Funny Valenine.

My Funny Valentine.mp3

The Nerve
SEPTEMBER 30th 1997

Imagine my suprise on driving into London to see a billboard advert for the Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ with my face on the cover. It was an old promotional photo I had commissioned for my performance work. Despite being the biggest selling single of the year I didn’t make a penny. I have still got my eyes out for Mr. Horsley (photographer).

Circus Mamaloucos
OCTOBER 12th 1996

I spent the summer travelling with Circus Mamaloucos - ‘the mother of mad people’. This all human travelling show was at the forefront in taking British circus kicking and screaming into the modern world. I featured both as performer and composer.


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